Start Your February Right — Throw Beans at Demons!

Setsubun is the day to chase away the demons of misfortune for a fresh start in the spring.

The trappings of Setsubun — Demon mask, roasted soybeans, holly leaves, sardine heads, and ehōmaki sushi rolls. (Depositphotos. Standard license.)

Each year in early February, Japanese people celebrate a day known as Setsubun. Setsubun, 節分, simply means the eve of a new season, in this case, spring. For a thousand years, Japanese have been chasing the…



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Diane Neill Tincher

Diane Neill Tincher


Top writer in Travel. I’ve lived in Japan since 1987 & love learning, history, & the beauty of nature. Pls use my link to join Medium: https://bit.ly/3rNvCND