The Ninja that Served a Shogun

The Exploits of Hattori Hanzō Masanari

Hattori Hanzō Masanari’s life is shrouded in mystery, as one would expect of a master ninja. After scouring many and varied Japanese sources, I’ve pieced together bits and pieces of what seem to be the most agreed on version of his amazing story.

Shadowy and dark photo of a man in dark clothing with a hood, crouching and holding a Japanese katana sword aloft.
Ninja. (Photo by Michael Wuensch via Pixabay)




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Diane Neill Tincher

Diane Neill Tincher

Top writer in Travel. I’ve lived in Japan since 1987 & love learning, history, & the beauty of nature. Pls use my link to join Medium: https://bit.ly/3rNvCND